A Europe-wide overview of the most commonly used devices.

Today’s waste collection market proposes technological solutions and devices for all needs and there is a wide range of certified waste collection systems on offer throughout Europe. This was seen in Munich, at the IFAT, the leading trade fair for environmental technologies.

Officine sostenibili

To find out more we interviewed Antonio Garofano, Marketing Specialist at Officine Sostenibili srl, consultancy firm that has been designing urban hygiene services for private companies in the waste collection sector for over twenty years. Officine Sostenibili’s reference clients are: companies that provide urban hygiene services, sector consortia and, finally, companies involved in the environment sector and in social innovation.

The general trend

certificated pay as you Throw RFID collectionWe asked Mr. Garofano to provide an overview of the devices and of the waste collection systems certified at a European level. In this respect, the Marketing Specialist says that at present the most commonly used systems entail significant investments in hardware.

While, of the technologies available on the market, referring to “Discovery Mobile” he adds:

«Our system has a completely different approach, comprising a single device that tracks consignments and whose software can be easily used along with the other management systems; something that was certainly not easy with the old monitoring systems such as PDA devices and antennas».

A definition that identifies the “Discovery Mobile” wristband as a device that simplifies real-time collection and that can be easily incorporated with data analysis systems for pay as you throw collection.

The six most valued features of “Discovery Mobile”

In short, considering the above, what are the most valued features of the wristband for the pay as you throw rate of waste?

  • For waste collectors, the system is practical and easy to use;
  • From a technical point of view, it is the only device that tracks consignments without having to fit out the vehicles;
  • It enables accurate monitoring of the time and place of collection;
  • It identifies critical aspect of the consignment, enabling timely action to be taken in the case of anomalies;
  • It is a software for the pay as you throw rate that can be easily incorporated with the management systems already in the possession of the waste collection companies or the public administration, for example;
  • The software interface is easy and intuitive to consult and from which to access and display the data;
  • Discovery Mobile” is a certified system: IP67, RED, CE and SAR.

All these features mean that the “Discovery Mobile” RFID wristband for the pay as you throw waste collection can be chosen as a starting point by the waste management industrial cycle, supplementing and improving the work processes, also ensuring greater safety for waste collectors.

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