Why recommend Partitalia’s technologies for pay as you throw RFID collection?

We asked Massimo Galasso, CEO of Cosvega srl, waste collection company based in Francavilla a Mare (CH).

«Flexible, innovative and versatile»: these are the three adjectives that Massimo Galasso – CEO of Cosvega srl, uses to describe Partitalia’s RFID pay as you throw waste collection technologies. In particular, we are talking about “Discovery Mobile”, the wearable RFID device that identifies consignments, transferring the information collected to the “Discovery Cloud” cloud database.

Collection company: Cosvega srl

Cosvega srl provides urban hygiene, landscaped areas and territory maintenance services to some towns around Francavilla a Mare, the town where it is based, and to others in the provinces of Latina and Rome.

Galasso continues, explaining that the company has chosen “Discovery Mobile” for its RFID pay as you throw collection because:

«For us, versatility was very important: being able to make measurements using a simple wristband that can be adapted to the territory, to the road layout and to the population density».

The easy-to-use RFID wristband

Discovery Mobile” is a very simple and intuitive wearable device. During pay as you throw collection, the waste collector uses the wristband to read the RFID tags on the trash bag or trash bin without the need for other technologies. The device’s interface has been designed so that its use is immediately comprehensible: to activate the RFID just press the yellow button.

Data collection: correspondence higher than 99%

Before starting to use the device, the collectors are accompanied on their rounds and trained on how to use it on the ground. No further training is needed.

Further confirming the efficiency of the device, during RFID pay as you throw collection using the “Discovery Mobile” wristband, a correspondence between collected waste and readings of more than 99.5% was recorded: the readings were considered reliable with a statistically acceptable minimum error that regarded only a few incorrect codes or damaged tags that could not have been read in any case.

This has confirmed the reliability of “Discovery Mobile”, a valuable and accurate ally for waste collection: while, on one hand, the waste collector receives confirmation of the reading by means of a vibrating signal, on the other, the data are not cancelled by the device until the server gives feedback.

The working method is the same as before

The accuracy of the readings enables implementation of reliable RFID pay as you throw waste collection which can be used without upsetting the waste collectors’ usual way of working. Indeed, the “Discovery Mobile” RFID wristband does not change the way the collection is made, but, indeed, exploits the collectors’ natural gestures when working. In this respect, the reduced weight and size of the device are two fundamental characteristics that make the technology convenient and practical.

Certification and safety

“Pay as you throw”

Discovery Mobile” is a certified waste collection system: besides compliance with RED, with the ensuing use of the CE mark and an IP67 level of protection, “Discovery Mobile” is the only wearable RFID reader to have passed the SAR tests, falling within the parameters set forth in Italian Law Decree 81\08 – Consolidated Safety at Work Act SECTION VIII, PARAGRAPH IV.

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