Pay as you throw waste collection data analysis: the advantages of Partitalia’s wristband

Pay as you throw data analysisA fundamental part of calculating the tariff, or “Tarip”, is analysis of the pay as you throw waste collection data, an activity often carried out by technicians and people that deal with waste management. A question we are often asked is: “How are the data analysed?”.

Giuliani Environment

We asked Marco Giuliani, manager of the waste collection service of Giuliani Environment – a company with headquarters in Campobasso that operates in the environmental sector, with long-standing experience in the waste collection sector – to talk to us about the analysis of the pay as you throw waste collection data.

Marco oversaw the introduction of the “Discovery Mobile” wristband for kerbside collection, following the start-up stages of the work which began after the waste collectors had been given training and the initial use of the device.

The advantages of the RFID wristband: what happens after the RFID tag has been scanned

Specifically, we asked what happens after the “Discovery Mobile” wristband scans the RFID tag and what the advantages of the Partitalia technology used in this process are. Marco Giuliani explains it this way:

The advantages of the Partitalia technology are that, once the data gathered by the wristbands have been acquired, they are entered in the system. Not only do the wristbands enable analysis of these data to improve separate waste collection and provide information to the town authorities , they also optimize the work of our personnel in terms of times and logistics.

The process involves the following steps: after the RFID tag on the trash bag or trash bin has been scanned, the information is transmitted to the server cloud that sends feedback to the device after saving data. This is possible because the system can be configured remotely using the “Discovery Cloud” portal, where it is also possible to perform an in-depth analysis of the pay as you throw waste collection data.

The four main characteristics

Some important characteristics of “Discovery Mobile” make this process possible:

  • It can be used with any software or administrative database
  • It is able to intercept the margin of error during collection
  • It minimizes scanning losses, obliging waste collectors to be efficient
  • Hardware and software are linked: the data are not deleted from the device until feedback has been received from the server.

All this enables more precise measurement of RFID pay as you throw waste collection, saving time and improving the organization of the work.


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